Like DAB have launched the new DAB multiplex across Glasgow. The multiplex has launched with an initial 18 services, with more becoming available in the coming weeks. The multiplex has launched via one transmission site at Dundasvale Court, with the second site at Cathcart being online shortly.

Managing Director of Like DAB, Ryan Davies has said: “We are delighted to launch the new multiplex across Glasgow today. We have a great diversity of services, from local and national broadcasters. During the small-scale DAB trials, Glasgow suffered many challenges, however thanks to the help of UK DAB Networks and Commtronix, we have started from scratch at the site to ensure long term reliability which all broadcasters and listeners deserve.”

Like DAB Glasgow currently has Tomorrowland One World Radio at 112kbps DAB+, which is the highest bitrate DAB+ station in the country.