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We use the latest technology to make us the best we can be, and we share our knowledge with other organisations.

Technology is King

Everything we do at Like Media Group, is tailored around the latest technologies available. A core part of our management team were part of large IT tech companies, before moving across to Like Media Group.

Some organisations do not see this as essential, however if you do not take this into consideration from day one, your deployment will be already out of date, and will lead to more expense later down the road.

Like Media Group operate in a fully cloud and “off premises” setup. For Mission critical infrastructure, we have our own server farm in data centres within the U.K and Europe. 

Radio Virtualisation

Part of Like Media Group’s management were involved in the virtualisation of Like Radio at the end of 2016. They were one of the first radio broadcasters to be fully virtualised. Being early adopters meant, they could quickly jump the hurdles that come with virtualisation and cloud radio playout.

Today, all of Like Media Group’s operation is cloud based. This includes all radio playout, audio sound processing, TV / Stream playout and back office functions. The technology deployed allows us to undertake fully live broadcasting (if we wish to), back to the data centre within 40ms. This provides easy distribution, but allows broadcasting from any location with next to no delay!

We continually develop our technology and will always stay as advanced as possible.


We are big believers in sharing the virtualisation and cloud knowledge with other like minded media organisations. It is our belief that staying ahead of the game in relation to technology, helps everyone stay one step ahead in broadcasting, and assist with overhead cost mitigation, and ensuring the industry continues to thrive.

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