We currently have radio broadcast operations in

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The brands Like Media Group operate:

Like Radio started life as a single DAB station within the U.K in 2015. It was put under the management of Like Media Group in 2020, with the group owning the brand name since May 2021.

Like Radio is now a suite of twelve stations, rather than just being one. Select the station to suit your mood!

For More Information on Like branded stations, you can visit the website- https://like.radio.

Like Media Group are planning to expand the Like brand in further European markets within the next 12 months.

Like Media Group broadcast and produces Tomorrowland One World Radio for the UK, Spain and Malta, under a brand licensing agreement. 

One World Radio brings you the sound of Tomorrowland that makes it possible to unite with the People of Tomorrow 365 days a year.

One World Radio by Like Media Group is available across selected areas of the UK (DAB) and Spain (FM), as well as being available across the whole of Malta and Gozo (DAB). You can also listen online via https://tomorrowland.com

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