Swansea Multiplex Delay

Statement from Like Media Group: In light of recent developments for two DAB multiplexes operating elsewhere in the UK last year but sharing the same site supplier as this multiplex, significant challenges have been presented to us due to changes in site operator terms and conditions. This has rendered the current setup untenable, necessitating action

Tomorrowland One World Radio UK increases reach by 84.2% and hours by 568% in Q1 2023

The latest RAJAR results for Q1 2023 has seen a massive upsurge for Tomorrowland One World Radio UK. The station is now reaching 35,000 people a week (84.2% increase on the last survey) and 68,000 monthly. The weekly listening hours have jumped to 207,000 (568% increase on the last survey). Ryan Davies, Managing Director of

Isles of Scilly multiplex delay

STATEMENT FROM LIKE MEDIA GROUP: After discussions with Ofcom in relation to the Isles of Scilly multiplex, they have decided to revoke the licence award. Like Media Group agree with the decision made by Ofcom. Despite having all the provisions in place (including transport to the isles), to undertake the build and launch of the

Like Media Group successful in Newport and Chepstow bid

Ofcom have today awarded the DAB licence for Newport and Chepstow to Gwent Digital Broadcasting, which is a consortium made up of Like Media Group, UK DAB Networks, Gwent Broadcasting and Newport City Radio. The Managing Director of Like Media Group, Ryan Davies has said: “Another fantastic win for Like Media Group and its partners.  The

Tomorrowland One World Radio debuts in RAJAR

Tomorrowland One World Radio UK has debuted in RAJAR with 28000 listeners weekly, 55000 different listeners monthly. One World Radio UK has We have been rollingout One World Radio across various parts of the U.K since the launch on the 1st July. Paul Willet, Managing Editor of Like Media Group has said: “We are pleased

Like Media Group success in Swansea and Bedford

Ofcom have today awarded the DAB licences to Swansea DAB Limited (Swansea) and In2DAB Ltd (Bedford). Like Media Group hold equity stakes in both entities as well as Directorships. The Managing Director of Like Media Group, Ryan Davies has said: “Congratulations to our partners involved with both applications. Both areas were hotly contested, but we
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