STATEMENT: After discussions with Ofcom, we have jointly agreed to revoke the licence awarded to Swansea DAB Limited. While alternative sites have been identified, regulatory constraints stipulate that the multiplex must launch within 18 months of the initial award. Regrettably, we will be unable to meet this deadline, with the framework and steps that are necessary. Despite this setback, we are equipped with the necessary equipment to establish the multiplex and have identified alternative sites that offer comparable coverage. Consequently, we have requested Ofcom readvertise the licence in Round 6. Swansea DAB remains committed to reapplying for the licence with the revised site locations.




  • Prices quoted are on a per annum basis.
  • Other bitrates avaliable upon request.
  • All capacity subject to contract.

Current Services

Once launched a list of stations transmitting on the multiplex will be published here.

Multiplex Ownership

This multiplex is a joint venture between Like Media and Nation Broadcasting.
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